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Our Services

We help children, teens, and adults

heal from past difficulties,

cope with present challenges, and

live with joy and resilience.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

We provide individual psychotherapy and couples counselling to address a wide range of issues. These include difficulties with communication, anger, anxiety, confidence and self-esteem, body image, depression, emotion regulation, mood, relationships, parenting, school or work stress, and substance use.

We have expertise in EMDR, dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), interpersonal therapy (IPT), narrative therapy, psychodynamic models, ego-state and internal family systems (IFS) , deep brain reorienting (DBR), and relational-systems approaches.


Dr. Guindon provides DBT skills training groups for teens and transitional age youth who want to better regulate their emotions and feel more peaceful.

Trauma Therapy &

(c)PTSD Treatment

With the burgeoning field of neurobiology, we now know that mental health problems, relationship difficulties, and problems with functioning in everyday life are largely influenced by traumatic or ongoing stressful experiences that we experienced in our past, usually in childhood. These kinds of experiences can overwhelm our brain's ability to cope, alter our brain's structure, and affect us long after the experiences end.

Trauma counselling and PTSD treatment gets to the root of the problem and heals trauma wounding.

Consultation &

Burnout Prevention for Professionals

Dr. Guindon provides consultation to therapists and front-line service providers in individual, dyad, and group contexts. She has particular expertise teaching DBT, Narrative Therapy, Use of Self, and professional ethics. She is also an Approved Provider of CIDP/ATIP training for first responders and front-line helping professionals.

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